Dulce Violeta: Sweet details, sweet moments

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Dulce Violeta Repostería

We are a family bakery startup that complements creativity with carefully selected ingredients, resulting in diverse, healthy, and tasty products oriented to sweetening all your moments.

In 2015, Dulce Violeta Repostería is born to offer bakery products that, besides delicious and nutritious, give you the opportunity to select designs, colors, flavors, and shapes.

Every day, wonderful things happen in Dulce Violeta Repostería: we innovate in our products and let creativity freely arise.

Our motto is to provide you with sweet things that enable you to experience unforgettable moments with your loved ones. We are in Medellín, Colombia.

Services Portfolio

Sweets table for social events

Suppliers to cafeterias and restaurants

Personalized gifts for special occasions

Service to corporate clients